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Gypsy Jazz and Musette Workshop 2013



This is the audio from a workshop I gave for the American Accordion Musicological Society on March 17, 2013.

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Download MP3: Gypsy Jazz and Musette Workshop 2013 Download PDF: Handout for Gypsy Jazz and Musette Workshop 2013



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An introduction to Musette and an overview of Gypsy Jazz style accordion

Workshop Handout 2013


Spring/Summer Accordion Workshops 2013

Accordion Workshops Gypsy Jazz


Sleepy Hollow Methodist ChurchMarch 10, 2013 – 4:00 pm
Performance and Workshop at Washington Accordion Society

Sleepy Hollow Methodist Church
3435 Sleepy Hollow Rd.
Falls Church, VA 22044
United States
Tickets: $8



Hanover MarriottMarch 17, 2013 – 9:00 am
Gypsy Jazz Accordion Workshop at AAMS

Hanover Marriott
1401 Route 10
East Whippany, NJ
United States
Tickets: Check Website



Smith College June 18-23, 2013 – 4:00 pm
Teaching at Django in June

Smith College

Northampton, MA
United States
Tickets: Check Website

Djangology Festival 2012 to Benefit Sandy Victims

This year Djangology proceeds from Djangology Festival are going to benefit Victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are 4 ways you can get involved:

1. Thursday 12/6/12 Brooklyn Concert

2. Friday 12/7/12 Brooklyn Concert

3. Sunday 12/8/12 New Jersey Concert

4. Indie Gogo Fundraiser Page

Coney Island Hospital and Bellevue Hospital, two of New York City’s major public hospitals, were evacuated as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Bellevue is New York City’s oldest full-service hospital, and the oldest continuously operating hospital in America. Coney Island Hospital services South Brooklyn, much of which was damaged by flooding from the storm. Extensive work needs to be done to repair the damage done by the hurricane, and make both hospitals safe for patients.

HHC’s mission is to provide high quality care to all patients regardless of ability to pay, and as such, services patients from all over the city and from all backgrounds, ranging from artists and musicians to victims of torture. Brooklyn Djangology will be combining music’s powers of healing and celebration in service of Hurricane Sandy’s victims all over New York City.

From Official Site

Happy 102nd Birthday Django!

Musette is where Django got his start, playing banjo to accompany the French Waltz Accordionists. And so Django has taken so much from Musette to create his oeuvre.

Players like Baro Ferret and Jo Privat continued this expansion of the Gypsification of the swing waltz.

And Musette Project is moving ahead influenced by all of that plus plus…

In honor of all that I will be playing for the Djangoary Festival just outside of Richmond, VA on Jan. 21st.

BTW: I found this Django hand stenciled on a public mailbox in West Philadelphia over the summer.

Me on Radio Interview – Decemberists Accordionist Falls Ill

WDVR Radio Interview by Dallas Vietty

I was on the radio show “Swing Time with Art & Deb” Monday the 24th. The show is out of a small town in east central New Jersey. I played some and talked alot about musette check out some of the interview and my playing above. WDVR Radio from Sergentsville, NJ.

It was announced that the Decemberists accordionist Jenny Conlee has breast cancer. The Decemberists are a great band, I saw them in 2009 at Philadelphia Folk Fest. Their sound has relied heavily on the accordion artistry of Jenny and it is sad news to hear she is afflicted with this disease. I wish her the best luck and strength. The Decemberists web store has a nifty T shirt featuring the pink ribbon and an accordion (top of the page), which is to raise money for Susan Komen Race for a Cure.

Free Bass Competition Winner!

I went to the American Accordion Musicological Society Festival over the weekend. I competed on accordion and I won the Free Bass competition with my performance of Bach’s Invention 13 from the Two Part Inventions.

There were some very fantastic players young and old at the Festival. I met all kinds of great folks, and I got geared up for the small event I am organizing on May 7th for World Accordion Day.

Check out this video I made while warming up in a stairwell of the hotel before the performance.



New Impress at Deannas Feb. 2011

Bringing Back the Golden Age

The Golden Age for the musician is the age of radio, night clubs, and the days when people came out to hear live music in places with ambiance. The people, the music, the place. The jazz age. There are still spots and music like this around. Deanna’s in Lambertville, New Jersey is one of those places. Check out some photos of my latest gig with my duo The New Impressionists.

[slideshow id=5]

If you like the photos and you’d like to hear of The New Impressionists, or come out to one of our shows yourself, click on the giant Facebook logo below and become our Facebook friend: