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My accordion has a mic!

1. My accordion has a mic now. Put in lovingly by Acme Accordion School of Westmont, NJ.

2. I will be playing this Today, 24th and Tomorrow 25th, at John Murdoch’s studio. Solo accordion from 12-4. Should be good accoustics and good art.
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Edith Piaf

She has in her voice that truth and honesty, an unrelenting torrent of emotions. She lived with her Grandmother in a whore house. She sang on the street with her street-acrobat father. She stood 4’8″.

L’Accordioniste tells the story of a prostitute who is in love with an accordionist, because Read More

Musette Atache: Japan Takes Accordion Frenchly

I came across these two lovely articles covering master accordionist Daniel Colin on his tour in Japan.

Musette Delivers Taste of France, from Friday November 20th, 2009, in The Japan Times Online. Written by Yung-Hsiang Kao. The piece covers French Accordionist Daniel Colin’s current tour there, and includes a Read More

French and American Saxophone Quartets

Saxophone quartets can blend like a choral group, swing like a gypsy band, and possess a range of tone from angelic breath to screeching slaughterhouse animal. They have a weight-challenging property, like the gravity on the moon or a balloon filled with a mix of helium and air.

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Richard Galliano Interview

Sitting on a couch right across from you with his accordion on, talking and playing his influences: the maestro known for creating the ‘New Musette’, Richard Galliano.

“The accordion is a traveling instrument, and that is why it is found all over the world.” opens the interview. An organ, Galliano Read More